Women and children represent a weak group, firstly women because they are often not in control of their lives and children who have not yet reached the age of majority to be able to take care of themselves. Women as heads of households have difficulty integrating psychologically and economically given the pace of the country’s development.

As residents of the cell of Kibenga, everyone’s contribution is greatly appreciated. Women show a willingness to seek work to support their children/families. Supporting them psychologically, helping them to channel their efforts,orienting them and training them in new technical professions leading to income-generating jobs would promote this integration.

General Goal

Contribute to the psychosocial and economic integration of women and children under 16 years of age residing in the cell of Kibenga, Sector of Ndera, District of Gasabo, City of Kigali.

Specific Goal

1. Promote good neighborliness and cooperation through recreational activities with children.
2. Facilitate school reintegration for children under the age of 16 and advocate for it.
3. Encourage women to develop their potential, to help each other in small groups, to identify their needs and to advocate for their causes.
4. Restore confidence to mothers through self-help groups, help them identify their resources to dare to face the challenges of poverty.
5. Teach women income-generating trades to help them break out of isolation and precariousness and promote social integration.
6. Prevent psychological disorders that can lead to behavioral problems, family misunderstandings and the use of narcotics (alcohol, cannabis, etc.).
7. Support the cell of Kibenga in the management of problems related to family conflicts..


Target group of the intervention

Limit of the intervention zone

The project will benefit exclusively single or poor women and children recognized by the authorities as residents in the cell of Kibenga, Sector of Ndera, District of Gasabo.

In the first year of the project, the target group will be 50 children and 30 mothers.

As from the second year, the group will increase to 90 children and 60 mothers.

The fields of intervention could be:

– Cooperative games for children: setting up a playground (football field,..)
– School support (purchase of school materials, correction of homework, accompaniment of those who left school early for reintegration, support for local initiatives to help learn to read and write, etc.).
– Participation in the payment of mutual health insurance for the most precarious people in the group
– Psycho-social support groups for mothers
– Learning income-generating activities for mothers
       o Knitting and crocheting
       o Embroidery
       o Sewing
       o Agriculture (mushrooms, maize etc.) and animal breeding (chickens, rabbits, goats etc.)
– Sale of products in the neighborhoods and even elsewhere.


Jeanine Uwera

Phone: +250 788 30 79 53

Denyse Uwamahoro

Phone: +44 74 01 17 04 70